You can’t spell ‘ROOFTOP’ without ‘OOO’

Spend a night on the roof. 

Halloween is taking to new heights this year. We’ll be helping you tap into your zombie persona offering guests a terrifyingly awesome complimentary make-up session. Since we know you can’t be arsed to do it yourself. You’re welcome… Special effects by Claire Haxell-White & her ScarefaceSFX team will be drenching you in the undead. Sip on a Zombie-fied cocktail (disclaimer: no brains were harmed in the making of these cocktails), crafted for one night only. It’s gonna be to die for.

Worried about being a little lonely this Halloween? Not to worry, we’ve invited our drooling, gargling, leg-dragging friends to keep you company. With more zombies than you can shake a severed arm at, you can be confident that you won’t be lonesome that night…

Is all of this a bit hard to swallow? Wash it down at one of our three bars (since 13 was just way too many)

Try spooky serves like ‘Devil’s Eyes’, a blend of sweet organic cherry tomatoes infused with Espolon Tequila, ‘Vampire Blood’, a gin filled syringe with spiced chilli and the ‘Panchos Payaso Punch’, a blend of Espolon Tequila, juicy prickly pears fizzed with fiery ginger. 


State the secret code ‘Ghostly greetings’ to the bartender and the first cocktail will cost just £5. 

Ghoulish Games

With enough rooftop games to send shivers down your spine, we’re dead certain that you won’t run out of things to do. Challenge the Suicide Squad to a round of golf so crazy it’s insane, a unique experience exclusive to us with VR Foosball, and one of our wickedly exciting lane games, De La Bowl, Sliders, or Puck Buddies!

Sink your fangs into some food

Got a hankering for something other than souls? Aside from our fully stocked bar which the usual favourites, we’ve also got delicious street food on offer – complete with vegan and gluten-free options. You can check out our full menu HERE.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Entry is free and from 5pm and no booking is required. You can also join us for an epically tense round of music bingo. Anybody who’s got a body (and even some who don’t) is going to be there…