The Ultimate Playground is back for Summer 2019!

There ain’t no summer like an SFG Club summer… and we’re making summer 2019 even more epic!

We’re bringing back all those familiar games you know and love — summer at Roof East would be nothing without Birdies crazy golf (the best type of golf is the crazy kind), Sluggers batting cages (the ONLY batting cages in London) and De La Bowl lawn bowls (the bowliest of bowls), but why stop there?

We’re turning up the heat with something for everyone…

For the first time ever, Sliders curling will be helping you slide to success under the sun! We only ask one thing: When things get a little too heated, ask your lane host for a refreshing signature cocktail to get you feeling cooler than cool.

But that’s not all! We’ve got some brand new games ready to entertain you more than a water balloon fight, thrill you more than opening the microwave before it hits 0, and help you create more lasting memories than any summer before.

We’ll be putting a shuffle in your step with Puck Buddies (wink wink) shuffleboard! Get all your buddies, puck or otherwise, and see who comes out on top as Shuffleboard Royalty. Losers can puck off and buy the next round.

Last, but definitely not least… reality is SO last season. Introducing: House of Foos, our brand new, first-in-the-UK, super epic game of VR foosball, taking us one step closer to android world domination. A group of 4 can strap themselves in and enter a dimension of next-level fun — it’s a whole new world, and it’s completely exclusive to SFG Club at Roof East!

All this excitement making you hungry?

We’ve got more selection than ever before, from The Burger Project (did someone say More Please?!), to mega delicious (and vegan, heck yeah) Vietnamese food with Eat Chay, and the flavour-packed Kati Rolls from Kalkati! If drooling over food made you thirsty, we’ve got an incredible bar menu ready to remind you of what summer tastes like.

With so much to do, #TheUltimatePlayground is the only place to be this summer.

See you on the rooftop!