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What’s new?

Your favourite winter game, Sliders Curling, will still be sliding you to victory, but this year we’ve thrown in some extra special treats for you…

De La Bowl

For the first time ever De La Bowl will be helping you roll in the colder months. Immerse yourself in the good vibes of the timeless lawn bowling with a warm drink – you’ll realise that it really doesn’t get better than this…

Puck Buddies

Our brand new shuffleboard game has been a massive hit, so all throughout Autumn you can grab a puck and a biscuit. Victory dances must consist of shuffling, otherwise what’s the point?

House of Foos

With the changing seasons, it’s nice to know some things never change… things like, we’re still the first in the UK to get this hi-tech game on a rooftop and VR Foosball is still completely exclusive to SFG Club. HOWEVER – our Foos table has now moved into our super warm tent! Feel like being part of the revolution? Book now!

Gamers Unite

You’ll still be able to play our classic free games like cornhole, giant jenga and tabletop curling, along with table tennis and table football (the analogue, real-world kind) and table skittles, but we’re getting an upgrade. We’re getting a 90s makeover with Pac-Man, Street Fighter II, Space Invaders and way more. On actual arcade machines. Yeah. We didn’t think autumn could be this awesome, either.

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