House of Foos

The UK's first VR foosball experience
We’re going high (tech) this summer with House of Foos, our brand new, never-before-seen VR foosball experience. Yes, you read that right. Virtual. Reality. Table. Football. The first in the UK and completely exclusive to SFG Club.


Additional Info

How many people can play?
Up to four people can play at once!
If your group is less than 4, a CPU will take any remaining slots, or you will be sharing the table with other guests.
How long is a game?
A session is 3 games.
How much is it?
A session is £5 per person.

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Contact Us

Roof East Level 8 Car Park Great Eastern Way Stratford London E15 1XE Tel: 020 7635 6655 Toll-free from most providers but please check. General enquiries and game booking enquiries:

Opening Times

Closed (ex. Bank Holidays)
5pm - 11pm
5pm - 11pm
5pm - 11pm
5pm - 11pm
12pm - 11pm
12pm - 11pm