London's only batting cage experience

London’s only rooftop batting cages aren’t hit or miss...

Rooftop favourite Sluggers is BACK at #TheUltimatePlayground this summer! Score a bazillion points or miss every shot, it doesn’t matter to us — all that counts is that you tried. Grab a bat and keep on swingin’.


Additional Info

How old do I need to be to play Sluggers?
You'll need to be 14+ to play Sluggers. Under 18s are welcome on the roof on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 12pm - 5pm.
How many people can play Sluggers?
Up to 6 people per batting cage are allowed.
How much is a game of Sluggers?
Price per cage:

Peak: £22.00
Off-Peak: £19.00

Up to 6 people per batting cage are allowed.
What should I book for my group of friends?
Games of Sluggers are sold in 20-minute sessions. We recommend the following number of people per session:

20 minutes: 1-2 people
40 minutes: 3-4 people
60 minutes: 5-6 people
What are peak times?
Tuesday - Friday: 6pm - 9pm
Saturday: 3pm - 9pm

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Contact Us

Roof East
Level 8 Car Park
Great Eastern Way
Stratford London E15 1XE

Tel: 020 7635 6655
Toll-free from most providers but please check.

General enquiries and game booking enquiries:

Opening Times

Closed (ex. Bank Holidays)
5pm - 11pm
5pm - 11pm
5pm - 11pm
5pm - 11pm
12pm - 11pm
12pm - 11pm